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We at Prathista, constantly thrive to develop quality organic farm inputs for the improvement of soil fertility and farm productivity. We are closely associated with number of farmer groups and individual farmers with our wide range of farm inputs. With its large organic farmer database PIL is venturing into the marketing of organic products both in Indian market and International markets.

About Us

Prathista In-House Research & Development center was First recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India. Subsequent to this recognition, Prathista R&D center has been recognized by Few Universities & Academia to provide training for Post Graduates / Ph.D’s and also to conduct Research by Post Graduates and Ph.D Students.

Organic food products are grown with a holistic system of farming without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs. The food products are devoid of added preservatives, colors and sweeteners. We, Prathista Industries Ltd, have taken into account these factors and deal in such products stamped with freshness and avoiding the use of chemicals, pesticides and preservatives.

Our organic products conform to the certification standards EU 2092/91, USA NOP, Indian NPOP norms. Our organic products are certified by reputed organizations like IMO and ECOCERT.

Our vision at Prathista is to include organic food in the lifestyle of consumers. Keeping this in mind we constantly work on a mission to supply quality organic food stuff there by sustaining and improving the health of consumers. Our organic products meet the international food & safety standards.

We got larger farming area under our certification, and we tend to grow in area and in range of organic products every year. With more and more farmers are willing to go for organic farming after the feedback from the existing farmers with respect to the quality and productivity the number of farmers is increasing day by day to come under our fold. We also procure 3rd party certified organic farm products after stringent checks for organic standards.

Our organic products speak for their high quality with certifications done by ISO, OHSAS, and HACCP etc.

We have a good team of experts with respect to certification, procurement and processing to back our operations both in domestic and international markets.