R&D Recognition & Objectives

Prathista has established its own R&D Centre since inception and was inaugurated by Secretary to Govt. of India, Ministry of Science and Technology.


(1) Recognitions:


Prathista in-house R & D center was first recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India. Subsequent to this recognition, Prathista R&D center has been recognized by few Universities & academia as a training station for Post Graduates and Ph.D. students for conducting research.


Prathista R & D activities are specifically governed by a Board of Directors and Chief Promoter Dr. Sairam himself to contribute in significant new products developed from the wide exposure gained with knowledge.


Besides, there is a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in Prathista R & D center. TAC comprises Eminent Professionals from industries and academia to guild Prathista’s research programs at peak. Prathista R&D Centre is located near to Hyderabad, the IT hub of the country and has access to many professionals and institutions in the state for sustainable interactions.


(2) Objective:


To create value addition to carbohydrates through Bio-Technology process with Waste to wealth concept.


(3) Thrust areas:


To enhance the business interests in line with the need of the nation, the following thrust areas have been identified.

  • Agro Bio-Technology
  • Food and Industrial Bio-Technology
  • Pharma Biotechnology
  • Industrial Waste Management



(4) Net Working and Linkages:


Prathista has networks with national laboratories and universities or academia under private-public partnership. They are sponsoring research programs to develop innovative process protocols, for Prathista’s further growth.


To strengthen interaction between industry and academia, several projects works, training and research programs have been initiated with Department of Bio-Technology, Govt. of India in the areas of biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, and environmental engineering.


  • The company is one of the industrial partners of the prestigious NMITLI program.
  • Viable linkage with major state Agricultural Universities.
  • Linkage with national bodies like DST, DBT, CSIR, IARI, and ICAR.
  • Prathista singed LOI with Agri-Food and Agriculture Canada (Department of Agriculture) for a long term and sustainable research activities for agriculture development in Canada.
  • A confidentiality agreement with McGill University for a long term and sustainable Joint Research activities in for mutual developments.
  • Prathista is having viable linkages with the International Universities like University of Florida, United States; Makarare University, Uganda; Laval University, Laval, Canada; National Agricultural Research Institute, Guyana; National Agricultural Research Institute, Kenya; University of Sabha-Malaysia, Malaysia; Agricultural University of Ghana, Ghana.


(5) Post Graduate and Ph.D. degree program:


Prathista has been recognized by few universities to strengthen interaction between industry and academia. Thus many training and research programs, project work activities have been initiated for Post Graduates and Ph.D. Students with real industrial exposure for better future development.


Besides, Partly Paper & Partly Research (PPPR) program has been well implemented with few universities for Post Graduation and Ph.D. Degree programs for dedicated and qualified technical staff.


Training: In-plant training and project work to biochemistry, microbiology, and biotechnology Post Graduates & Ph.D. students.

Facilities: Prathista R&D center is established within manufacturing premises in the separate independent block, having well-furnished laboratory area of 7,000 SFT and 25,000 SFT for state of the art pilot plant and post-fermentation processing facilities.

Unique Pilot Plant Facilities: Seed fermentation facilities starting from 1 L capacity to 5,000 L capacity are installed with suitable post fermentation facilities in place for carrying out any bench scale research program. Unique facilities like a variety of drying equipment, distillation columns, evaporators, and glass or graphite lined reactors are also installed for research programs.


                                                 FERMENTATION PILOT PLANT- DESIGN AND ITS UNIQUE FACILITIES




  • Experimental Research Farm: Approximately 25 acres of experimental research farm and 4,000 SFT greenhouse are existing adjoining to the R&D facilities for Agro Bio-Technology department to conduct field experiments in tune with ICAR and state wise agricultural university norms.


(6) Prathista Credo

  •       Excellence & efficiency
  •       Eco-friendly technologies,
  •       Customer satisfaction