Chelated Mineral salts

PRATHISTA is leading manufacturing company for the production of various “Chelated Mineral Salts”. These are water soluble with the basal composition of organic acids. The term 'chelate' is derived from the Greek word chele, or claw. As a general definition, it refers to the process of stabilizing a metal ion by binding it to certain other chemical substances, usually amino acids or organic acids. Chelated mineral salts are helpful in supporting the normal growth, developing stronger muscles, bones, and improving the immune system. These chelated minerals are used as dietary supplements as minerals are readily absorbed by the body (more bio-available) than the non-chelated minerals.


  • In bipolar disorder treatment. There is evidence that bipolar disorders are stabilized with chelated mineral supplements.
  • Used as a dietary mineral supplement.
  • Improving immune system function.
  • Building strong muscles and bones.
  • Can be used as an animal feed supplement for healthy growth.


The following chelated mineral salts are being produced presently and the mineral composition can be enhanced based on customer requirements


  • Zinc-based chelates  - up to 15%
  • Manganese-based chelates - up to 18%
  • Ferrous based chelates - up to 15%
  • Copper-based chelates - up to 18%
  • Magnesium-based chelates - up to 8%
  • Calcium-based chelates - up to 18%
  • Cobalt-based chelates - up to 10%
  • Selenium-based chelates - up to 5%


Nano Chelated Mineral Salts


Prathista is also a leading manufacturing company for “Nano Chelated Mineral Salts” which can be used in small quantities with highly bio-available and nutritional characteristics.


  • Spray dried nano polysaccharides powder with up to 60% proteins
  • Lactate salts
  • Gluconate salts
  • Prathista is also offering chelated mineral salts based on Glycinates.