Fermented Glucose / Sucrose As Natural Cheese Ingredient

Clean-Label, Natural, Non-GMO, Fermented Glucose / Sucrose


The importance for better health and quality food is rising gradually in people. This is the main motif of Prathista, to generate natural and clean-label products for easy understanding of the consumers in a healthy way. Selective micro-organisms with history in the food industry and Non-GMO were chosen initially. Glucose or sucrose is used as raw materials for the eco-friendly superior fermentation process to produce a mixture of organic salts.


These organic salts have a greater role in the production of quality cheese, panner, and other allied milk proteins. Fermented Glucose / Sucrose is available in spray-dried granulated or powder form. We are exploring the different applications of fermented Glucose / Sucrose in the food industry as an additive or ingredient. 


Unique Features of Fermented Glucose / Sucrose


Fermented Glucose / Sucrose enhance the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of the processed foods. It often helps in extending the shelf-life of the final consumer product. Easy acceptance of fermented Glucose / Sucrose by body makes high bio-availability of minerals to the human body. By having weak organic acids it enhances the shelf life of foods, beverages, and also all kinds of feeds.

  • It is useful to produce quality cheese with enhanced calcium % and shelf-life with neutral pH. 
  • Fermented Glucose / Sucrose delivers the extended calcium functionality needed for dairy and other food products.
  • It is used to manufacture traditional Asia’s sweets including “Rasagolla” a delicious Indian sweet for decades.


Applications & Uses:

  • Increases tenderness
  • Enhances Flavor
  • Enhances nutritional value for cheese
  • Enhances the texture of all dairy products
  • Increases the shelf-life of the products
  • Environmental friendly & natural
  • Easy to handle




Available in 20 Kg bags packed 500 Kg (20 Kg X 25 bags) per pallet. Please enquire for more details at info@prathista.com.