Fermented Rice Flour As Natural Vinegar

Clean-Label, Non-GMO, Fermented Rice Flour – Natural Vinegar


Multiple Organic Salts are the major part of typical Natural Vinegar. This is useful for all type of food industries. Rice flour is initially converted to glucose liquid which is further fermented to produce organic salts by using suitable bacteria strain. Later the obtained natural vinegar liquid is processed and spray dried for generating powder form based on the requirement.


Prathista is the largest producer of “Allergen Free” Fermented Products including the Natural Vinegar composed of Multiple Organic Salts




Natural and fermented rice flour (typically organic vinegar liquid or powder form, a mixture of organic salts) has been traditionally used as a food preservative. The product is naturally produced using fermentation process which retards microbial growth and contributes sensory properties to various foods products. 


It is a predominant flavoring agent. An environmentally friendly, natural, and easy to handle the product. It functions as an antimicrobial agent and pH regulator.


Targeted Industries

  • Used in acidified foods for lowering the pH - In acidified foods like pickles, fermented rice flour is used to lower the pH of the finished product that helps to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria like Clostridium botulinum.
  • Applied to meat for microbial growth reduction - Meat offers an ideal environment for both spoilage and pathogenic bacteria growth. Several studies on both raw and ready to eat meats have been conducted over the last few years. Reports suggest that Fermented Rice Flour is a viable solution for the meat industry as processors are reducing the artificial preservatives for a healthy life.
  • It is used in the beverage industry as an antimicrobial product.
  • Used as a cleaning agent
  • In manufacturing various dyestuff, perfumes, in the textile industry, in inks as well as dyes preparation, in rubbers, plastics, and pesticides.
  • Used for clinical blood tests in laboratories.
  • Used in the film industry.


Benefits & Uses

  1. Increases tenderness
  2. Enhances flavor
  3. pH regulator
  4. Antimicrobial component
  5. Environmental friendly & natural
  6. Easy to handle




Available in 200 kg drums in liquid form and in case of powder form available as 1000 kg pallets in 25 kg packing. Please contact for your requirements at info@prathista.com