Natural Colorants

“Innovative Neutraceutical & Natural Colorants - Calsi L & Calsi P”

“First of its kind innovative food ingredient, rich in carotene – to overcome Malnutrition and Vitamin A & C deficiency”

Prathista is introducing “Capsi L” – a innovative liquid concentrate product which can be used to address malnutrition in foods and also as natural pigment / colour to use in processed food.

“Capsi L” is in concentrated liquid form with carotenoid rich composition from a vegetable source for preventing malnutrition and vitamin A & C deficiency.

“Capsi L” developed is an aqueous liquid concentrate, extracted through sophisticated and state of the art bio tech process which is solvent free and environmental friendly.

The concentrate Capsi L is nutraceutical ingredient and is mix of healthy antioxidants such as carotenoids (β-carotene, capsanthin, ascorbic acid, phenolics and flavonoids) which can help alleviate chronic and degenerative diseases.

Capsi – Liquid is a healthy alternative to synthetic colorants used in foods such as sweets, ice creams, flat- bread, rice preparations and baked products etc,.
Detailed description

“Capsi L” is a composition / aqueous extract rich in carotenoids, phenolics and other phytochemicals. “Capsi L” is heat stable composition with high stability of bio-actives for above two years.

“Capsi L” is an aqueous extract free from organic solvents. The targeted vegetable is Capsicum annuum (red sweet pepper) which is distinctly different from pungent types. The developed composition also has carotenoid pigments in the natural state still bound to the proteins thereby imparting greater oxidative stability to the extract.

“Capsi P” is the another unique and stable colorant in powder form produced from pomace generated in the process by suitably converting the same into a valuable functional ingredient which further can be used as a natural food colorant and as a source of a dietary fibre concentrate, for enhancing carotenoid content and nutraceutical value of various foods such as bakery products, soups, sauces, yogurts and functional breads or muffins.

In addition, bio tech process exemplifies the following benefits vis-à-vis pure extraction protocols:

- Aqueous extraction is sophisticated food processing step followed by the state of the art downstream operations to get a concentrated product.

- A food based approach: “Capsi L” is an aqueous extract mimics a food, in the sense that it contains a synergistic blend of all phytochemicals as found in a food product which together results in higher antioxidant activity than a single pure compound or a supplement.

- Alternative to synthetic colorants: The food processing industries are looking for natural yellow / orange hues in foods such as bread, confectioneries, ice creams and dairy food products, who are still utilizing synthetic colors and coal tar dyes for developing food products therefore “Capsi P” can address these important issues as it is produced through eco-friendly route and is an Organic colorant from natural sources.

- First of its kind “Calsi L” & “Capsi P”: By and large, tomato and carrots are the preferred material for the extraction for vitamin A rich composition; however their yield and extraction efficiency is low due to their inherent composition.

- Prathista selected novel and eco-friendly process from vegetable source - Red Capsicum (Capsicum annuum) to introduce “Calsi L” & “Capsi P” for the first time in the globe with ICAR – Govt of India technical collaboration.

- Green process: It obviates the disadvantages associated with the conventional, solvent mediated process of extraction of carotenoids from the natural sources and thereby Prathista selected eco-friendly bio tech route (green process) for extraction of “Calsi L” & “Capsi P”.

- “Calci L” is a natural colorant: The developed concentrate can be used as a natural colorant, for phenolic and carotenoid enrichment. In addition the concentrate also improves the nutraceutical quality of the food products. An effective alternative to synthetic colorants in foods and is organic as it is free from solvents

- “Calci P” is fiber rich concentrate: The left over pomace after the bio tech process can be a fibre rich powder concentrate from the left out pomace by mixing a suitable carrier agent such as malto-dextrins or cyclo-dextrins.

- Other food applications : “Calsi L” & “Capsi P” can form the base material for applications in wide areas i.e. pigment industry as a source of natural colorant, food industry (sauces, salsa, ketchups, pizza toppings, extruded snacks, soup mix etc.) various non food applications such as cosmetics.

- Addresses Nutritional security: Colored capsicum (red) is one of richest source of carotenoids (5-8 times higher than carrots and tomato) depending upon the variety and thus apt material for extraction of carotenoids. The functional ingredient can be used in Wheat breads, vegetable curries and as a sprinkler masalas in midday school programs to fight prevalent vitamin A deficiency amongst children and pregnant women.