Prathista Eco-Zinc

It is a 4G-Nanotechnology formulated, granular bio-fertilizer with a unique combination of proteino-lacto-gluconates and zinc solubilizing bacteria. These bacteria fix the insoluble zinc available in the soil into simpler soluble form thus, making it bio-available for the crop absorption.

This formulation is highly potent, eco-friendly and organic certified along with FCO certification.  It helps in increasing productivity by increasing zinc uptake by the plants without disturbing the ecological balance and also helps in preventing soil erosion. Using Eco-Zinc around 15-20% of usage of chemical fertilizers can be reduced. It is also helpful in improvement of soil health and texture as well as better root system development.

Crops: Eco-Zinc will be a perfect solution to the zinc deficiency in the crops like Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Cotton, Barley, Jawar, Sugar Cane, Sugar Beet, Potato, Brinjal, Cauliflower etc. It can even improve the growth of medicinal and aromatic plants.


Soil treatment: Mix 5-10 kgs of Prathista Eco-Zinc / acre of land.