Prathista LANOS - Organic Cheese / Paneer Lactate

Prathista mission is to provide cost effective natural products for food safety and healthy food for consumers & launching organic cheese / Paneer lactate for residual / chemicals free Paneer / Cheese which is already available since decades in small packs through Corporate companies in PAN India.

Prathista is now entering into market with its own brand to provide chemicals free & eco-friendly active ingredient for better health to the consumers and can buy directly from manufacturing company.

Advantages to make Cheese / Panner:-

  • No chemicals / lime water to be used.
  • No washing is needed after making Cheese / Paneer.
  • No Preservatives to be used.
  • Probiotics are part of the active ingredient (Cheese / Paneer lactate).
  • Enhanced Shelf life.
  • Soft Cheese / Paneer.
  • Improves Gut Health for consumers.
  • Food & Pharma product produced through eco-friendly fermentation process.
  • Globally certified product with USFDA / USDA / KOSHER & Halal, FSSAI & GMP and ISO certifications.
  • Proven Active ingredient to produce quality “Cheese / Paneer since 1995”.
  • More Panner / Cheese from litre of milk.
  • Bio available Calcium will meet mineral deficiency for consumers.
  • Water separated after making Panner / Cheese from milk can be consumed directly as it is safe Whey protein shake.

Allergen free Prathista LANOS – Cheese / Paneer lactate product

Totally Organic and non GMO active food additive / ingredient (Cheese / Paneer lactate)

Cost benefit ratio dosage recommendations – @0.50 to 0.75% (maximum) of Food product quantity (for example, for 1 litre of Milk, use Prathista LANOS – Organic Cheese / Paneer Lactate @2-3 tea spoons or 10-15 GMs only)