Prathista NOS - Organic Anti-Microbial Formulation

Advantages of Prathista NOS, Anti-microbial powder formulation:-

  • Avoid / Prolong / Defer microbial / Bacterial & Mold infections for all food related items like Baking products, Chicken (cooked & un-cooked) & Panner / Cheese.
  • Can be safely used for all types of Food related items / commodities like Rice / Cereals / Wheat / Grains to protect from any type of microbial / fungal / Mold infections.
  • Can be safely used for all Food related day to day all types of Food items like Fruits / Vegetables etc to protect from any type of microbial / fungal / Mold infections
  • Can be safely used in ware-houses / go-downs for storage of all type of grains to protect from any type of microbial / fungal / Mold infections
  • Improves Gut Health for consumers.
  • Food Grade certified Organic formulation (as per NOP / NPOP standards) produced through eco-friendly fermentation process.
  • No chemicals / Petro-chemical based products needs to be used.
  • No Preservatives needs to be used.
  • Probiotics are part of the Prathista NOS, Anti-Microbial free flowing powder formulation.
  • Enhanced Shelf life for all types of food items.
  • Proven Formulations in North America / EU and other developed Countries since 2011, including in India.
  • Presence of Bio available Calcium will address mineral deficiency.
  • Allergen Free Formulations.
  • Globally certified product with USFDA / USDA / KOSHER & Halal, FSSAI, GMP and ISO certifications.

Totally Organic and non GMO Food additive Prathista NOS, Anti-microbial formulation

Cost benefit ratio dosage recommendations – @0.50 to 0.75% (maximum) of Food product quantity (for example, for 1 kg of meat, use Prathista NOS, Anti-Microbial formulation @2-3 tea spoons or 10-15 GMs only)