ProCare - Probiotics & Plant based Vitamins & Multi Minerals

ProCare is multi purpose Ayurveda formulation to provide bio available, plant based ingredients as one single product of 500 Mg and is combination of Probiotics, Lacto - Gluconates, Multi Vitamins and Multi Minerals to address the following for humankind for providing better health. 


Advantages of Prathista Pro-Care (R) :- 


Prathista Pro-Care will address and fix all types of fevers, cold, cough, bronchitis, asthma, anti spasmodic, diarrheaea, rheumatic and arthritis, neuralgias, laxative, ulceration, gastric, skin diseases, haemorrhoids, anaemia, epilepsy, urticaria, hyperacidity, diuretic, insomnia, cardiac disorders, eye diseases, Mineral and Vitamins deficiencies etc,. 


Prathista Pro - Care is “One in all Bio Available, Plant based, natural and organic ayurvedic formulation” with India and global patents