By Pass Fat

By Pass Fat

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Prathista Bypass Fat is a highly digestible energy supplement that can meet the above need. Bypass Fat is calcium salt of fatty acids ranging from 50 to 80%, based on customer requirements. It is 100% inert to the rumen by promoting high metabolism, increase production of milk, meat quality, reduces digestive problems, and improves the body condition by decreasing weight loss. This results in increased fertility and conception.


Why feed fat?

In the early stages of lactation, most of the cows will be losing a considerable amount of weight. This is due because of imbalance between energy intake and the required energy needed to meet the nutrient demands of milk production. As a result, the cow mobilizes body nutrient reserves, particularly body fat, to meet energy demand. Thus, supplemental fat is among the best options one can provide to its animals for better health and productivity.


What is rumen Bypass fat?

Rumen bypass or also termed as “protected fats” are essentially dry fats that are processed to be easily handled and mixed into all animal feeds. Because natural dry fats have high melting points, they are mostly insoluble at rumen body temperature. In the sense, dry fats are not as much “protected” as completely insoluble in rumen such that they have little impact on rumen fermentation.

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  • Ideal for lactating and transition (dry) animals
  • Enhances milk production in early lactating animals
  • Fulfill the nutrient requirements in high-performance dairy animals
  • Delivering rumen Bypass Fat to small intestine efficiently
  • Helps in lowering rumen heat production
  • Delivers energy during less than optimum conditions (stress, heat, mud, cold, and crowding)
  • Higher peak in overall milk production, and aids in maintaining milk fat
  • Reproductive performance can be enhanced because the cow can return to positive energy balance sooner which can affect follicle size, ovum fertility, circulating blood, and progesterone levels
  • Faster recoveries for calves
  • Decrease in metabolic complications such as ketosis, acidosis, and milk fever
  • Optimal nutrients absorption for animals
  • Improves appetite


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