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Cal-Lactic is a cost-effective ideal nutritional solution, manufactured through a fermentation process based on naturally available agricultural commodities such as sugar cane, corn starch etc.

Cal-Lactic is a synergistic combination of organic acids and their salts. It suppresses the growth and multiplication of entered pathogenic bacteria in the gut. It is available in free-flowing granulated powder form and is fortified with essential enzymes, Lactobacillus sp., electrolytes, and carbohydrates etc.

  • Prevents calcium deficiencies and milk fever in pregnant and lactating animals.
  • Enhances high milk production.
  • Provides substantial energy value and improves skeletal growth.
  • Increases the percentage of fat and SNF in milk
  • It works as a probiotic
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50 gms of Cal-Lactic per animal for one day need to mix with feed throughout the lactation period. The animal should be de-wormed at least 3 days before starting of using Cal-Lactic.


Available in 1 Kg packing in an outer box of 10 kg. Expiry period is for 5 years from the date of packaging if stored in a dry and cool place. Bulk packing for feed or feed manufacturing industries to market in their own brands is also available.


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