Calcium Lacto Gluconate

Calcium Lacto Gluconate

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Calcium Lacto gluconate is referred to as Calcium Lactate Gluconate with a chemical formula of C9H16CaO10. It is a combination of Calcium salts of “Lactic acid and gluconic acids”. Calcium Lactate Gluconate is a white/semi white crystalline powder with a bulk density less than 0.30 and the molecular weight is 324.30g/ mol and highly soluble in nature, neural to taste and odorless.
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Calcium is one of the important minerals in life processes. It has a vital role in bones and teeth health, heart rhythm, blood clotting, as well as in muscle function. With these multiple functional roles in life, Calcium is one of the best-selling supplements. Choosing a right supplement is a confusing task in the scenario of availability of wide range of combinations and preparations. On an average in adults (age group of 19 to 70+) 1000 mg - 1200 mg/day of Calcium is required as per the Dietary Reference Intake.

Calcium Lacto Gluconate has around 13% of elemental Calcium in a readily absorbable form. It is a well applicable product in sectors like pharmaceuticals, food, feed, beverages, and nutraceuticals.

Calcium Lacto Gluconate was well reported to increase the bone density in human studies in comparison to many other available Calcium supplements significantly and consistently.


  • Highly soluble in nature
  • Odorless with a neutral taste
  • Higher compatibility
  • High bioavailability of calcium
  • To cure calcium deficiency (hypocalcemia)
  • To cure osteoporosis
  • To reduce the obesity by leveled administration
  • To use in fortified foods
  • As a general nutrient supplement
  • Applications in pharmaceuticals, food, feed, beverages and Nutraceuticals sectors.


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