Ferrous Lacto Gluconate

Ferrous Lacto Gluconate

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Ferrous Lacto Gluconate is highly soluble in water and meets the water-soluble iron requirements in different sectors. It has ferrous lactate (C6H10FeO6) and ferrous gluconate (C12H22FeO14) with molecular weights 233.99 g/mol and 446.14 g/mol respectively with a density of approx 0.40.


Iron is the major element involved in oxygen transport in the body. Around 70% of the body iron is available in RBC cells. Other functions like the generation of ATP in cellular respiration, proper immune system development, and maintaining cognitive functions of the brain are dependent on iron levels.

  • Highly soluble in nature
  • very low taste profile
  • High bioavailability of Iron
  • To cure iron deficiency (anemia)
  • Application in Pharma & Nutraceuticals sectors
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