Magnesium Lacto Gluconate

Magnesium Lacto Gluconate

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It has magnesium lactate (C6H10MgO6) and magnesium gluconate (C12H22MgO14) with molecular weights 202.45 g/mol and 414.60 g/mol respectively.  It is the critical mineral involved in the blood pressure maintenance, bone strength, and for a steady heart rhythm.

Even though various magnesium supplements are available, Magnesium Lacto gluconate is the highly soluble form in all of them. Low magnesium levels in the body lead to various critical conditions like osteoporosis, heart problems, diabetes, inflammations etc. On an average 310- 420 mg/ day of magnesium is required for proper regulation of all above functions.

Most of the magnesium provided in the feed to animals is not absorbed by their digestive system due to the formation of less soluble magnesium compounds. However, the Magnesium Lacto gluconate with high bio-available magnesium can be a perfect product to treat all these conditions.

  • To supplement the Magnesium deficiencies
  • To control blood pressure
  • To treat Pre-Eclampsia (a condition in a pregnant woman with high blood pressure; legs as well as feet swellings; Proteinuria or other organ dysfunction)
  • To control the asthma attack
  • To increase the digestion capacity of feed in cows.
  • Application in Pharma, Nutraceuticals & Feed sectors
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