Potassium Lacto Gluconate

Potassium Lacto Gluconate

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It has potassium lactate (C3H5KO3) and potassium gluconate (C6H11KO7) with molecular weights 128.17 g/mol and 243.25 g/mol respectively. Potassium is essential for proper kidney function in the body. It is not produced by the body and about 1600 to 2000 mg per day of potassium is required for an adult to perform regular functions properly.

Hypokalemia develops when potassium deficiency occurs in conditions like diarrhoea, vomiting, kidney problems, and on antibiotics use. Potassium Lactate Gluconate with high solubility can immediately meet these conditions for the required amount of potassium. To supplement the potassium deficiencies

  • Maintains the proper kidney function
  • To treat hypokalemia
  • To maintain the electrolyte balance in the body
  • Applications in Pharma and Feed sectors
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