PRATHISTA PUSH (Botanical Crop Protector)

PRATHISTA PUSH (Botanical Crop Protector)

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Prathista PUSH formulation is based on plant extracts.

It is available in both water-soluble (for fertigation / foliar / drip purposes) form and It is a mixture of various plant extracts like Neem, Karanj, Mustard, Aloe vera, Chilies, and Garlic etc. Prathista PUSH is highly effective as preventive and curative to protect from pest attacks apart from bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Besides, it will help to enhance vegetative growth for all crops after application. For a better performance of Prathista PUSH, foliar application is highly recommended.

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Liquid formulations: Apply 3-4 mL /L of water as a foliar application.


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