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Prathista Bio Sulphur addresses all Sulphur deficiencies in crops. This formulation is available in the water-soluble form for Foliar / Fertigation / Drip purposes. Bio Sulphur is as potential to its credit for any other type of Sulphur based fertilizers.

Sulphur is one of the 16 essential plant nutrients occupying fourth place in fertilizer management (after N, P & K). It is a major nutrient for higher protein and oil production. Sulphur is essential for the growth and development of all crops. Most of the plant's requirement of Sulphur is absorbed through the roots in the sulphate (SO4-2) form. Like many essential nutrients, Sulphur also has certain specific roles to play in the plants. Such unique roles cannot be replaced by any other nutrient.

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Liquid formulations: Apply 3-4 mL / L of water as a foliar application.


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