Fermented Flours as Natural Mold Inhibitors

Fermented Flours as Natural Mold Inhibitors

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In food sectors major task to be addressed is the nature of the product i.e., synthetic or chemical or natural. Many chemical and synthetic preservatives are taking the major place in the market. These products have enormous side effects along with reducing final food product taste and texture. As health insight is increased in the world for a healthy lifestyle, people are looking for natural, clean-label, and safe alternatives.

Prathista to support the “healthy life” motif has developed many natural and clean-label products including Natural Mold Inhibitor. Wheat or corn flour is fermented with reported food safe microorganisms of Non-GMO class. The organic acids produced in the fermentation process are neutralized with calcium to generate calcium salts for adding additional health value. This environmental friendly fermentation process is an effective alternative to the current industrial petrochemical based Calcium Propionate. 

Prathista Natural Mold inhibitor increases the flavor, taste, and more importantly create the extended shelf-life needed by the modern baker. It can be used in bread, donuts, cookies, cakes, biscuits, bagel, buns, pizza crust, pies, and croissants etc. Mold free shelf-life can be extended up to 20 days depending on the formula. 

Fermented flour delivers the functionality needed for extended, mold-free shelf-life in the bakery and other food systems

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Unique Advantages

  • As low as 0.5% requirement on flour weight
  • Better dispersion throughout the food matrix
  • Clean flavor 
  • No effect on leavening action of baking powder 
  • Reduces the consumption of yeast
  • Easy to handle
  • Enhances shelf-life
  • Environmental friendly and natural


Prathista’s Fermented Flours are used for the control of mold over time. Mold free shelf- life can be extended up to 20 days dependent on formula.


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