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Prathista MEGACAL is a unique nutraceutical formulation. It is a combination of all major and minor nutrients with their importance along with advantages are as below

  • Calcium -Constituent of the cell wall. Needed for structural integrity of chromosomes, cell membranes, and cell division.
  • Magnesium -Structural constituent of chlorophyll. Essential for nucleic acid synthesis.
  • Potassium -Activates maturity process. Essential in mitochondrial and cell membrane permeability.
  • Zinc -Important during early plant growth and maturity. Essential for several enzyme systems and in the formation of auxins which regulate growth.
  • Manganese -Important for the plant growth regulation. In photosynthesis by involving in chlorophyll production and oxidation/reduction processes.
  • Ferrous -Photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. Converts CO2 to plant energy.
  • Copper -Important part of enzyme systems. Regulator of important life processes in plants. Chlorophyll production.
  • Phosphorus -a Main constituent of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). Essential for energy transfer.
  • Boron -Helps in cell division and cell differentiation.
  • Molybdenum -Main component of enzymes which reduces Nitrogen.

MEGACAL formulation is made available in the granulated form for soil applications. These formulations are as potential to its credit for any type of calcium-based fertilizers. Prathista has a lot of success stories of enhancing farm productivity better than (or) similar to inorganic and chemical based Calcium or Calcium plus Magnesium based combination formulations with Prathista MEGACAL.

Prathista MEGACAL formulation has proven to enhance farm productivity substantially (35-40%) for all crops and for tuber crops in particular.

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Soil application formulation: 25-30 Kgs per acre of land.


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