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Chemical additives to animal feedstuff are commonly used as growth promoters or feed enhancers. This practice involved the usage of synthetically manufactured microbial antibiotics. In addition to this, now a day’s several new growth promoters are being produced including bio-catalysts which increases the availability of nutrients.

Prathista with its well-established biotechnology processes has developed a non-hormonal and naturally occurring feed supplement “Pro-Lyso (Lysolecithin)” with the technical collaboration of National Laboratory (IICT-Hyderabad). It has good growth promotion, disease resistance, and longevity functions when fed to chicken and shrimp. Lysolecithin is produced through enzymatic hydrolysis of lecithin. It will enhance the emulsification and absorption of dietary lipid from the digestive tract.


  • In poultry and shrimp mariculture, Pro-Lyso promotes the weight gain. This was attained by improving the absorption of essential fatty acids and proteins.
  • In the case of broilers, it permits the use of higher amounts of fat from the feed by emulsification of fat. It provides the phospholipids readily to help in regeneration of the cells.
  • Increases the immunity by providing the essential amino acids.
  • It increases the absorption of tocopherol which in turns helps in improved utilization of fat.
  • Pro-Lyso will reduce the leaching of water-soluble nutrients and acts as an effective binder.
  • It permits the use of lipids in the feed up to 10-12% without hampering the utilization of fat.
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500 gms to1 kg per one Ton of feed material


Available in 1 Kg packing’s in an outer box of 10 kgs. Expiry period is for 5 years from the date of packaging if stored in a dry and cool place. Bulk packing for feed or feed manufacturing industries to market in their own brands is also available.


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