Copper Lacto Gluconate

Copper Lacto Gluconate

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Copper Lacto Gluconate has copper lactate (C6H10CuO6) and copper gluconate (C12H22CuO14) with molecular weights 241.69 g/mol and 453.8 g/mol respectively. Copper maintains proper functioning of cuproenzymes (Cu dependent enzymes) along with maintaining skin strength and blood vessels.

In chronic diarrhea, Crohn’s disease and GIT surgery, antiacid treatment conditions result in decreased absorption of copper and increase the risk of developing a copper deficiency. In these situations, high bio-available copper is in must need even though the copper requirement is in traces for healthily individuals. Copper Deficiency in cattle leads to poor growth, loss in milk production, anemia, nervous disease symptoms, and low immune efficiency. Copper Lacto gluconate can be used for following

  • Treatment of copper deficiency along with the anemia condition developed by the low Cu levels.
  • To treat hypocupremia, Pancytopenia (a condition with low RBC, WBC, and platelet count due to low copper availability) and Ataxia (loss control on body movements).
  • Applications in Pharmaceuticals & Feed Industry.
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