Zinc Lacto Gluconate

Zinc Lacto Gluconate

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The zinc salt of Lacto Gluconate is also a highly soluble source of Zinc for food products with a very low taste profile. It has zinc lactate (C6H10O6Zn) and zinc gluconate (C12H22ZnO14) with molecular weights 243.52 g/mol and 414.60 g/mol respectively. Zinc is an important mineral in protein synthesizing enzymes, wound healing, fetal development, proper growth, and reproduction. It has a vital role in the antioxidant system of the body. Zinclacto gluconate is an easily soluble source of zinc that can meet the above requirements as per recommendation.

  • To supplement the Zinc deficiencies
  • To boost immune system functioning.
  • Application in Pharma & Nutraceuticals sectors
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